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Date with Coffee & Cardamom

Firstly, we’re obsessed with coffee in general so it not a surprise that we are in absolute love with this hybrid of soda and coffee. More so, the #datewithcardamom syrup adds a beautiful depth and spiciness and not too sweet, so it’s the perfect Monday coffee.

What you need


for the iced coffee

250ml cold brew coffee (mild brew suggests Coffee Bond)

100ml sparkling water

10-15ml date-cardamom syrup

Ice Cubes

50ml date syrup

3-4 cardamon pods

pinch of salt

How to make it

Step 1. Syrup of #datewithcardamom needs to be prepared. Combine if you have date sugar in a saucepan keep medium heat until the date sugar has completely dissolved. Let it cool then store the date syrup in the cool place (fridge) with the pods (3-4 cardamom) in it.

2. To prepare a #datewithcoffee, combine the #datewithcardamom syrup with the cold brew coffee. Then, pour over lot of ice and add with soda or sparkling water.

Date with Cold Brew

What can members do?

Coffee Bond Members can ask for these drinks secret menu, not served to non members.


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