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Get beach ready with amazing coffee scrub

When it comes to scrubs, we have everything you need to create beautiful scrub that will give your skill flawless smooth touch everyone's attention. Check out our essential design features.

Fresh Roasted Coffee

Customise and make a great recipes

We have made 8 beautiful scrubs. From organic turmeric to amazing alovera.

Recipe One for Simple scrub

1 cup grinder coffee beans (it can be espresso or Turkish size)

1 cup brown sugar

1 & 1/2 cup coconut oil

First melt the coconut oil if you live in colder weather or its winter time. Once completely melted you can add coffee power first, mix it well before adding sugar.

Add __ to your scrub

When creating your scrub you can:

  • add himalayan salt

  • add turmeric powder

  • add alovera

  • add honey

  • add olive oil

  • add avocado oil

  • add almond oil

  • Customize the scrub just by adding 50g of these addon to make your own coffee scrub, if .

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